According to Regional Development Australia, “A bio hub is a system where councils and private businesses cooperate to recover the highest value from regional waste streams, offering new industry opportunities, revenue generation and bioenergy opportunities.

Many Regional Councils are struggling with the rising cost of landfill and the need to divert more waste away from landfill”.

Farmers and food & drink businesses are also under pressure as they scale up to meet demand from middle class Asian consumers looking for premium, reliable and safe products.

Expansion generally requires securing more electricity, gas, water and fertiliser; and often results in more waste and higher environmental risk.

Traditional energy, water and waste services are often fragmented, overburdened, unresponsive and expensive.

A bioHub by Utilitas integrates the disposal of organic waste with the generation of energy, water and fertiliser; for a single service fee.

A bioHub by Utilitas will enable a Council or a private business ‘anchor tenant’ to:

  • Lock-in waste disposal and energy pricing
  • Secure long term supply arrangements
  • Improve environmental compliance
  • Extend existing infrastructure life
  • Invest in production

A bioHub by Utilitas is funded, designed, built, owned, operated and maintained by Utilitas.  We only use proven technology from ‘Tier 1’ suppliers for the safest, most efficient recovery of biogas from waste.

For more information about ‘bioHubs’, please contact us.